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Area Rug Information

Area Rug Information

Laying out an area rug is a quick and easy way to bring new life to any room in your home. Here are some of the more common types of rugs (and they're all available in our physical stores!):

Persian Rugs
Persian Rugs are renowned for bright colors and elaborate designs that usually fall into one of three general design categories: geometric, floral or pictorial. Many people incorrectly believe that Persian rugs and Oriental rugs are similar, like peas in a pod, but each style of rug has its own distinct designs and characteristics. Persian rugs will vary in design and color depending on where they come from, whether it is a city, a rural village or a tribe. A Persian rug has the advantage of looking even better as it gets older. It may take 30 to 40 years after a Persian rug is made for it to be considered at its best!

Oriental Rugs
Oriental Rugs were originally hand-woven in China. Now, they’re made in India, Iran and Romania, as well as China. These areas have low labor costs and that helps these styles of rugs to remain a good value while maintaining high quality. Oriental rugs have warmth and beauty and add an interesting touch and a sense of luxury to any room. They have excellent qualities of resiliency and durability and are able to hold up in high traffic areas as well as a more subdued environment. Oriental rugs woven from silk are the most expensive, while those made from wool are more affordable.

Contemporary Rugs
Contemporary style rugs are often described as art for your floor, although we personally feel that term can be applied to numerous styles of rugs. Bright colors and unusual shapes are common characteristics of contemporary style rugs. A contemporary rug could be designed specifically to match or to enhance the upholstery, drapes or wallpaper in a room. Or, it could be a one-of-a-kind design based on an artistic whim, limited only by the designer or rug maker’s imagination!

Transitional Rugs
Transitional Rugs cover a broad range of designs that fall in between the traditional Oriental and Persian rug styles and the contemporary rug category, where "anything goes" is often an understatement. As we have stated elsewhere, we like all rugs, but transitional styles of rugs are often our favorite. They’re fun, yet stylish and they fit right in with almost any type of decorating plan. Rugs with floral and botanical patterns, both subdued and otherwise, are good examples of transitional rugs.

Shag Rugs
Shag area rugs, a popular look in the 1970’s, are making a comeback as a rug of choice for many people. They’re pleasantly surprised when they realize that the shag rugs of today are not the same tacky rugs of decades past when a shag rug was often considered a “must-have” item for a “cool pad.” The new shag rugs are made of better, longer-lasting materials. The soft, thick fibers offer great insulation from cold floors, and help to absorb noise when there are too many hard surfaces in a room.